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Equip and Match

Do you need extra support to find a job?

With Quickstepteam’ new Rusta and Matcha service, you get the support you need.
The goal is for you to get a job or start studying as soon as possible.

Rusta och matcha is a new service that the Swedish Public Employment Service started up in March 2020 and which will be tested and developed until 2021.

Do you, like so many others, want to take part in our support?

Then talk to your administrator at the Swedish Public Employment Service and hear if you can be relevant for the Rusta and Matcha service with us at Quickstepteam!



provides the service in the following locations:

  • Hallstahammar
  • Sala
  • Surahammar
  • Västerås
  • Lidköping
  • Be
  • Mönsterås
  • Karlshamn
  • Olofström
  • Ronneby
  • Trollhättan
  • Uddevalla
1 %
Stockholms marknadsavtal
1 %
Malmö marknadsavtal
1 %

Who can participate in the service?

Equip and match is for you who can work, but who need extra support to find a job or start studying.

What is included in the service?

The focus of the service is to help you find a job or an education that matches your previous experiences, conditions and needs. With the help of Quickstepteam' committed employees, you get to take part in individually tailored activities that help you quickly reach your goal.



Focus on results


At Quickstepteam, we have 100% focus on results! According to Arbetsförmedlingen’s own statistics, Quickstepteam helps more participants into work than other suppliers in the industry. This is something we are very proud of! Our job is to help you find your job!

Here's how we work to help you reach your goal:

Employer contacts

Employer contacts
quickstepteam has a large network of employers and training contacts, which is a prerequisite for our success, which is constantly being developed and maintained.
quickstepteam works very close to the labor market and has recurring recruitment meetings in our premises with employers and training providers in need of hiring or taking in new students.

In this way, you get, in a simple and natural way, an opportunity to introduce yourself to employers or apply for an education directly on our premises.

Competent and committed job matchmakers & study counselors

Quickstepteam employs the most competent employees who are driven by our values and goals.

At Quickstepteam, we are professional, agile, good role models and committed. All Quickstepteam job matchmakers and mentors support you in the efforts you need to go through to achieve your goal, which can be anything from producing professional application documents, interview training or motivational interviews.
We start from your specific needs!

The Quickstepteam model

The Quickstepteam model shows how we work and is a prerequisite for uniform and professional delivery. It ensures the quality of our work and ensures that we always work with the right focus – towards work or studies. The model is results-focused where you as an individual are in focus and where each conversation leads the process forward.

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